RATES  &  HOURS  2018 – 2019


Monday to Thursday  9 AM  to 10 PM  $65.00 Per Hour

Friday to Sunday         9 AM to 10 PM  $75.00 Per Hour


Monday to Thursday  9 AM to 10 PM   $16.00 PER HOUR

Please review Our contract on line below

 Recording:  16 Hours or more:   Gets 10% off hourly rate  IF Paid up front to use at 2 hrs minimum per session Mondays to Thursdays Only. To be used within six (6) months of purchase.

 Rehearsal or Practice:   2 hrs minimum per session Mondays to Thursday Only   $16.00 PER HOUR. 

 Please book your sessions in advance to insure the day and time is available and saved for you.

 Saturday and Sundays Hours are available call to reserve session and pricing.

 Accompanist/Musicians: $ 25 to $50.00  per Hour for each musician needed. Not included in studio time.

All above recording rates include an engineer or sound man for recording. Any additional mixing over the booked session that the client/s would like to have done, or a Mastered audio CD of session is extra. And will be billed at hourly rate increments.  Extra CDs are $5 each. Data backups are charged by hourly rate increments.

Studio Policy & Legal Stuff.

Cancellation Policy:

1) The cancellation period is 48 hours prior to your session. 50% deposit is required to book your session in advance by 7 days. The deposit will be applied to your session or refunded if you cancel more than 48 hours before your session time. If your deposit is not received within 7 days of your session time, your time may be forfeited to another client. Deposits are non-refundable and failure to show up means not only the loss of the money but the loss of the session time as well. After your session (day of), you are responsible for the full balance due. Paying of the deposit constitutes an acceptance of the rates and policies outlined here.

 2)  For bookings of block sessions for 3 days or more with 4 hours or more a day. The cancellation is 10 business days. If a session gets cancelled within less than the applicable time period, any deposit made by the client is forfeited. The deposit is 50% of the amount due for the day/s cancelled.

3)  The client/s is responsible for a timely start of the session and will be billed according to the arrangements made herein. Clients may show up 15 minutes prior to starting time to set up. Upon completion of the day session the client/s is responsible for payment in full, of the balance due. If the session goes into overtime, the client/s is billed according to the studio’s regular hourly rate (hourly rate increments). No backup or CD data will be released unless paid for in full.

 Deposit:*If the client/s makes a reservation for studio time, a deposit of 50% of the amount due must be made within 7 days of placing the reservation. The deposit goes to hold that time for you to use.  We accept Cash, Postal Money Orders or Certified Bank Checks only.

 Responsibility: The person responsible for paying for studio time must sign an agreement and will be held responsible for the actions of all artists and guests he or she brings to any session. The client must show a legal ID with proof of age. If the client is under 18 years of age the client’s parent or legal guardian must read and sign this agreement and provide a legal ID, as well as additional proof of guardianship if last names are different, and will be held responsible for all actions and debts of the client.

Recon Audio Recording Studio is not responsible for data lost or corrupted while stored on studio hard drives. The client is strongly advised to bring his/her own spare hard drive for backup file storage. Please note that files will not be stored for longer than 3 months on studio hard drives.

Please be respectful towards your engineer/sound man!  This is a Non Smoking Studio!

If you have booked a session of 3 to 4 hours or more, it is in your own interest to allow short breaks for yourself and the engineer/sound man, so the work level stays efficient and consistent throughout your session. The engineer/sound man is there to help you get the best recording possible. The effort you put in will show in the final product.

Equipment option agreement:

 1)  Microphones

 2)  Amplifiers

 3)  Drums

 4)  Guitars, Key Boards

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