Joe Brown CEO/Owner

I became interested in recording back in 1964 when I first started playing in bands in Queens New York and the 5 boroughs and LI. I played Bass, Guitar, Sax and vocals. The Still Movers 64, The Valiants, Probe 65-68, The Chain Reactions, The Incident 68-70, The Idt’s filled in when needed. And now playing with The Satellites Band ny since 2010. I was always trying to record on the old portable 3” and other home reel to reels. Even tried my Panasonic 8 track recorder am/fm system and then on my sound on sound reel to reel. Never could get a really clean separation and quality sound. I did have a chance to record a demo with the Incident band in 1968 at Ultra Sonic Recording Studio in Hempstead LI NY. I really got blown away with their studio equipment. But got drafted and life goes on.  Then played/jammed with other short lived bands thought out the years. Jump to the next century and started doing home recordings of old friends jamming in 2005 on a Zoom 16HD mixer with great results.

In the studio we use PreSonus mixers and Studio One 2 Professional and Capture software which really captures the sound of our clients the way they played it. We us the ART HeadAmp6Pro headphone system with the more me function on all channels, so you can hear yourself (the way you want to) and then the volume of the rest of the band playing.

There are a lot of Home Recording Studios around now. Some are compatible with the big guys and at a reasonable price. ReconAudioRecording Studio strives to work with our clients at all levels. It is also good to practice until you have your songs down tight. Then come down to record the songs. It saves you time in the studio and will be more productive. The effort you put in will show on the finished product. Come on down and check us out. Hope to see you soon and help you put together your Demo or a full CD.